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CareerPoint can help you find a new job, a better job, or the next job along your career path! Learn about the services we provide by attending an orientation at your local career center.  After orientation, you’ll be eligible to attend on-site hiring and recruiting events with area employers, as well as network with other career seekers.

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Ready to search now? CareerPoint’s job finder website,, lets you search for jobs by a radius from your home ZIP code, and by city as well as by county, workforce region, specific metropolitan area or statewide.

Virtual Job Fairs

We periodically host vitural job fairs.  Check back soon for new registration dates.

Here you can checkout our most recent presentatations for the counties, Napa, Marin, Lake & Mendocino.

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The site has several valuable tools to assist job seekers or students in finding a job, and to help businesses who are looking for the best job candidates. Job seekers can use integrated features such as Resume Builder and Career Assessment, as well as create keyword search alerts for new job openings or search for training providers.

Our CareerPoint Centers are open weekdays, and our resource rooms have many tools to assist with your job search, too, but is available online 24/7.


CareerPoint is a network of workforce experts on a mission to provide the highest quality employment and training solutions for the North Bay’s businesses and career seekers.