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Building a game plan for your right-fit career may mean training, new credentials, building your skills, or learning how to connect with businesses that need your talent. At CareerPoint, we serve job seekers like you every day, helping them navigate the pathways to their next career move. Let us help you get started.

Find a Job

CareerPoint can help you find a new job, a better job, or the next job along your career path! Learn about the services we provide.

Explore Careers

Before you start looking for a job, it is important to understand what occupations have a growing number of jobs in our region.

Get Training

Do you have the skills you need to qualify for the job you want? Get the right skills, certifications, and training is key to meeting your goals. 

Contact a Career Center

CareerPoint covers Napa, Lake, Mendicino and Marin counties.  Contact your career centery today to get services.

Veteran Services

Veterans receive priority of service at CareerPoint; veterans work directly with an Employment Services Specialist.

Attend Workshops

CareerPoint offers no-cost workshops to help job seekers prepare for interviews, write a resume, or explore career opportunities.


CareerPoint is a network of workforce experts on a mission to provide the highest quality employment and training solutions for the North Bay’s businesses and career seekers.